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O professor Picinato, de Piracicaba, nos enviou duas dicas de livros gratuitos disponibilizados pela Editora Springer (versõoes pdf e Ebook)

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1 The Illusion of Risk Control
What Does it Take to Live With Uncertainty?

de Gilles Motet e Corinne Bieder

2. Beyond Safety Training
Embedding Safety in Professional Skills

 Editors:    Corinne Bieder; Claude Gilbert; Benoît Journé; Hervé Laroche

Vejam conteúdo da obra:

Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
    Safety: A Matter for ‘Professionals’?
    Claude Gilbert
    Pages 1-9 Open Access
    A Practice-Based Approach to Safety as an Emergent Competence
    Silvia Gherardi
    Pages 11-21 Open Access
    Line Managers as Work Professionals in the Era of Workplace Health Professionalization
    Pascal Ughetto
    Pages 23-34 Open Access
    Captain Kirk, Managers and the Professionalization of Safety
    Hervé Laroche
    Pages 35-40 Open Access
    A Critique from Pierre-Arnaud Delattre
    Pierre-Arnaud Delattre
    Pages 41-43 Open Access
    Enhancing Safety Performance: Non-technical Skills and a Modicum of Chronic Unease
    Rhona Flin
    Pages 45-58 Open Access
    Situated Practice and Safety as Objects of Management
    Petter G. Almklov
    Pages 59-72 Open Access

    Stories and Standards: The Impact of Professional Social Practices on Safety Decision Making
    Jan Hayes
    Pages 73-83 Open Access
    Doing What Is Right or Doing What Is Safe
    Linda J. Bellamy
    Pages 85-96 Open Access
    Industrial Perspective on the Seminar: The Viewpoint of a Mining Expert
    Jonathan Molyneux
    Pages 97-101 Open Access
    How to Deal with the Contradictions of Safety Professional Development?
    Benoit Journé
    Pages 103-110 Open Access
    Can Safety Training Contribute to Enhancing Safety?
    Corinne Bieder
    Pages 111-115 Open Access
    Training Design Oriented by Works Analysis
    Vincent Boccara
    Pages 117-126 Open Access
    Safety and Behaviour Change
    Paul M. Chadwick
    Pages 127-137 Open Access
    Power and Love
    Nicolas Herchin
    Pages 139-150 Open Access
    Beyond Safety Training, Toward Professional Development
    Caroline Kamaté, Hervé Laroche, François Daniellou
    Pages 151-159 Open Access

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